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In this page you will be informed more about the company and the company activities.

Agro Shqiponja Company ltd

Agro Shqiponja is a company whose main activity is collection, processing and cultivation of aromatic herbs and mountain fruits. Originally, the company started out in 2008 as a family business by collecting some types of mountain plants and fruits. While the needs of the market started to expand, the company increased the number of farmers and also the range of products to meet the market demands.

Every year the number of farmers interested in this job started to increase and the company started to expand the product list of BIM types, PPJDs and some types of mushrooms. With the support of several NGO, the infrastructure of thecompany has been developed with modern machines for drying, processing and storing products.

From 2015, with the support of IADK, ASH started for the first time with the cultivation of the Origan heracleoticum in an area of ​​0.20ha, while in 2015 it began with the cultivation of the Malva sylvestris by distributing the seeds to help 20 farmers to cultivate this plant. In 2017 ASH in cooperation with Agro USAID started an iniciative to support 50 farmers in four municipalities (Drenas, Malishevë, Suahraka, Lipjan) to cultivate BMA, in this case the company expanded its plant cultivation area and expanded the list of products with 12 species other BMAs.

In 2018, the company expanded its area at 12HA with BMA. The company ASH, for the moment is cooperating with local partners to help  those companies to expand. The goal of the company is to export its products to the foreign market.

For the first time in 2016, the company was certified by Albiinspekt for Organic Products, the company has been certified by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Kosovo (MAFRD) as well.